Hearing and vision - have you made the connection?


Managing vision and hearing care together offers huge patient benefits as well as helping you to retain your customers and generate new business. The Hearing Care Partnership have joined Optrafair 20/20 to provide you with the key information you need to understand audiology, see how it can benefit you and how to implement it in your practice.

While patients may notice changes in their vision, it can be harder to detect – or come to terms with – the changes in their hearing. That’s because hearing changes slowly over time. Amazingly, 42% of people over 50 have a hearing loss. By 70 years old, it’s 70%.

Our eyes and ears are essential to healthy ageing. That’s because our hearing and vision are central to maintaining active social lives, helping prevent loneliness and isolation. It’s common for people with unaddressed hearing loss to avoid social situations, as they no longer feel part of the conversation. When people withdraw and become more isolated, it’s time to act – for their wellbeing and for their health.

Loneliness isn’t trivial. It has a measurable impact on your overall health, equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. If you have a mild hearing loss you are twice as likely to experience depression. With a moderate hearing loss, it’s three times as likely and if you have a severe hearing loss, it’s five times more. People with hearing loss are also more at risk of cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, hearing has been identified as the most significant modifiable risk factor for dementia (Lancet 2017), ahead of hypertension and obesity.


The Hearing Care Partnership & Optrafair 20/20

Including audiology in your optical practice will help you to retain your customers as well as attract new ones, increasing your annual revenue. However, starting this is never easy so The Hearing Care Partnership have put together a programme of sessions at Optrafair 20/20 to help you navigate expanding your practice offering. Don't miss: 

The Hearing Care Partnership will be exhibiting at Optrafair 20/20 on Stand G102. Register free today to book onto their sessions and visit them on stand to find out more about how you can include hearing care into your practice offering.