Jo Underwood, Principal of ABDO College, has announced her retirement


Jo Underwood MSc BSc(Hons) FBDO (Hons) CL (Hons) SLD FEAOO SMC(Tech) PGCE, Principal of ABDO College, has announced her retirement. Jo has been in charge of the college since its inception in 2000 and will be retiring at the end of this academic year.

Jo Underwood said: “It is with some regret that I step down as Principal of ABDO College, but I believe the time is now right for someone new to take over the role and bring in transforming ideas. It is not very often that one has the opportunity to set up something totally new and I am very grateful to have been given that chance.  I feel proud and privileged to have been able to fulfil the project aims and would like to thank all of the College staff who have helped to make it a success.”

Sir Anthony Garrett CBE HonFBDO said:“ABDO College started with Jo, she has recruited all of that academic staff and seen the development of the College building from an empty shell to a fully equipped and high quality facility. Above all, Jo has ensured that the very highest standards of training are in place. Her contribution to the profession is beyond compare. Twenty years ago ABDO College was an aspiration, today it is recognised as a highly successful centre of excellence. Jo has led from the front and delivered a project beyond what seemed possible all those years ago. What an achievement.”

 The search for a new principal will commence towards the end of February.

ABDO will be hosting a dedicated theatre at Optrafair 20/20 on 4-6 April. You can also find ABDO College in the University Village.