Optometrist volunteers with Vision Aid Overseas in Sierra Leone


An optometrist from Shropshire has volunteered with Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) to provide eye examinations and spectacles for people in Sierra Leone.

Yasmin Hirani, John Biddle Opticians in Bridgnorth and Wellington, raised over £1,700 for VAO in preparation for the two week long trip, where 460 pairs of glasses were given out. John Biddle Opticians is owned by Hakim Group, who will be exhibiting at Optrafair 20/20 on 4-6 April. 

Yasmin said: ‘Some of these children have high IQ levels, so it’s quite heart-breaking to know just because they have a refractive error or low vision, which can be easily corrected with glasses or with the help of magnifiers, they cannot do the simple things in life that we would take for granted. Providing a pair of glasses really can be life changing.’

Join Hakim Group at Optrafair on 4-6 April 2020. 


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Author: Yiannis Kotoulas, Optician Magazine