Optrafair Exchange 2019, a game of two halves - Primary Health Net


First impressions on entering Hall 20 were of clean, smartly designed stands of many varying shapes and sizes. So, what, you might say but in years gone by all shows have suffered from the standard design cubicle in rows.

The other interesting change in this year’s format was that the various company foci (frames, equipment, PMS etc.) were not all lumped together in one area. It has become fashionable to do this as we see on the high streets with banks and estate agents but with equipment maybe an element of surprise around the corner works best!

MA Exhibitions have learnt a lot since taking over the show with positive additions like the first day exhibitors party in the networking area. That was a popular meeting place on all 3 days and let’s not forget networking is a vital part of the show.

Spectrum Catwalk a Triumph.

Congratulations go to the Spectrum Catwalk Show. It was a clever mix of great dancing interrupted by an excellent compere who gave clear and concise information on the brand intentions of the frame companies and their histories and ethos for each that had provided the frames for the show. 

Also, a great digital backdrop image changed whenever the dancers changed the scenes with each different companies’ products and logos. 

Each dance routine was unique and highly entertaining, so it felt like a 4-act display. Not sure how you could have bettered that.... Cirque du Soleil next!

Opchat enjoys being part of this show as media partners and was pleased to hear that they the organisers like working with us. 

Together we will discuss how we can improve more media focus during the show next year and will aim to continue to improve the show in 2020, keep April 4th to the 6th free and put it in your diary.

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The FMOs mission is to provide a national platform for optical manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and business service providers to communicate, educate and innovate. FMO plays a key role in educating the public about the importance of looking after their sight and having regular eye examinations.

MA Exhibitions

Optrafair is organised by MA Exhibitions (MAX), an award-winning exhibition business. MAX organises more than 200 events annually, from small, highly focussed seminars to large-scale events. Within MAX’s portfolio there are 14 large-scale events, spread across sectors including electronics, manufacturing, engineering, communications, education, healthcare and print.