Professor Sunil Shah: From saving sight in Cambodia to live surgery at Optrafair


A leading exponent of cataract laser surgery, Professor Sunil Shah, will be performing live surgery at Optrafair 20/20.

Technology is rapidly changing the optical industry. One example of this is the development of femto-second laser cataract surgery, which allows each step of cataract surgery to be reproduced using a laser as opposed to handheld tools. This surgery reduces risks and gives the procedure enhanced precision and accuracy.

A leading exponent of this surgery is Professor Sunil Shah, who will be performing femto-second laser cataract surgery during Optrafair 20/20. It will be live streamed straight into the event on Monday 6 April, allowing visitors to see the surgery first-hand. Additionally, he will be joining the event after the procedure to answer questions and meet with visitors in Profs’ Corner.

Professor Shah is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon with a global reputation, appearing in the top 100 power list compiled by The Ophthalmologist magazine. He’s a pioneer of LASEK laser eye surgery, which combines many of the benefits of other vision correction surgeries. He has been a consultant at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre since 2000, where he runs a cornea and cataract service and performs femto-second laser surgery at Midland Eye in Solihull.

What makes Professor Shah unique is that, as well as being an active researcher and innovator, he is the International Medical Director for the charity Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF), saving the eyesight of thousands of people who can’t afford eye surgery in Cambodia.

He reveals: “Whilst it is nice to be recognised for my research, teaching and clinical work, my passion for helping make life better for the 28,000 Cambodians who go blind each year is uppermost in my thoughts”.

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Author: FMO