VR illustrates dangers of driving with glaucoma


Optrafair exhibitors Specsavers and the International Glaucoma Association have partnered to utilise a virtual reality (VR) tool to explain the dangers of driving with poor vision.

The two companies took a VR tool which replicates the vision of someone driving with undetected glaucoma to four locations across the UK.

Over 150 people were asked to use the driving simulation tool to navigate along a virtual road while avoiding hazards. Specsavers saw an 11% increase in the occurrence of accidents when slight sight problems were simulated, with reactions to hazards 0.3 seconds slower when compared to driving with clear vision.

Of those who took part in the VR experience, nearly a quarter (23%) had not had a sight test in the last two years.

Specsavers’ clinical spokesperson Nigel Best commented: ‘Our driving simulation study shows that more needs to be done to educate people on how a change in vision can impact road safety. It’s paramount, and everyone’s responsibility, to know that your vision is as good as it can be every time you get behind the wheel.’

Find Specsavers on stand B90 and then International Glaucoma Association on stand G84 at Optrafair 20/20. Registration is completely free - don't miss your chance to find out more! 


This article was written by Optician Magazine.

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Author: Yiannis Kotoulas, Optician Magazine